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Hunter Wheel Alignments
It's estimated that over 70% of all trucks on the road have tandem axles that are misaligned in this way. To keep the truck going straight the turning force of the tandem must br offered by turning the front wheels in the opposite direction. This causes all ten wheels to scrub ... mile after mile.
Here's what we do to help you cut costs
1. We use electronic sensors to measure individual toe on one drive axel and determine thrust line.
2. We align that axel to point down the center of the frame.
3. We measure and align each of the other axles parallel to the reference axle --- so all wheels roll in the same direction.
Our Computerized alignment system does more :
Electronically compensates each sensor for runout, common because of bent or distorted rims.
References toe to centerline on the frame rails, so it correctly computes thrust line even when offset is present.
Because our system measures where the axles point, it isn't fooled by setback.
Suspension Services
Servicing all makes and models of spring and air-suspensions, from front coils to rear leaf or air bag, Lonetech Ent. has a large selection of suspension products in stock to get you back on the road quickly.